Mohamed Abbadi was born in Abu Dhabi (U.A.E), on 29/8/1988. He moved to Jordan at the age of 6, and at the age of 12 he moved definitely to Padova (Italy). Thanks to his sister Fatima (at that time she was attending the B.Sc. in computer science at Ca'Foscari) he discovered Computer Science. 

In pursuing his love for computer sciences, Mohamed decided to join the secondary school I.T.I.S Francesco Severi.Subsequently, he earned not only his Bachelor's degree, but also a Master's in computer sciences from Università Ca'Foscari di Venezia.

Thanks to the course of Functional Languages held by Prof. Michele Bugliesi, and Algorithms and Data Structures held by Prof. Marcello Pelillo, Mohamed discovered a new way of thinking, programming, and new methods of problem solving.

In the meantime Mohamed and Giuseppe Maggiore started working on several projects together. The fruitful collaboration between them has produced many exciting results. His deep interest for video games convinced Mohamed, during his B.Sc., not only to study how to make the product but also the underlie process. Such study resulted in his B.Sc. thesis published at SAC 2012 with the title: A compilation technique for increase X3D performance and safety.

During his master’s, Mohamed focused his study on languages and compilers. Meanwhile, he helped Giuseppe Maggiore in the making of the Casanova language being co-author of the language. Moreover, together with the VSTeam and after three years of hard work, he published the game Galaxy Wars which is currently sold in all the GameStop shops. In June 2013, Mohamed finished his M.CS. presenting a thesis published in CG2013 entitled Resources, Entities, Actions. A generalized design pattern for RTS games and its language extension in Casanova. 

Due to his continuous efforts, which resulted in the publication of five peer reviewed manuscripts, Mohamed was awarded with a Ph.D. scholarship from both, Università Ca'Foscri di Venezia and at Tilbur University in game development and  abstract interpretation.

Not only Mohamed is passionate about computer sciences, but he also enjoys teaching this subject to other young students. For four years, he was responsible for teaching the laboratory of F# at his department.

Mohamed is sure that curiosity can not only be pursued, but also that the frontier of knowledge and new discoveries are achieved with passion and determination.


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